5 Steps to Becoming First Choice Expert for Your First Choice Clients


Are you ready to use your expertise to help more people, earn more money, enjoy your work more and still have more free time to enjoy your life?

This short report is my five-step blueprint to help you do that using your own advice, skills and knowledge. This can work for you whether:

  • You’ve had great results in your business and want to teach other business owners the strategies that will give them the same success
  • You’ve achieved success with something you’ve learned or created and want to share that with others
  • You’re already doing well in an advice or information based business – such as consulting, speaking, coaching or writing – and you want to reach a wider audience
  • You work (or have worked) in a high-level corporate role and are looking for additional streams of income or an escape route

These all allow you to use your expertise to increase your income and your wealth – provided it is packaged and promoted in the right way.

While it’s an exciting opportunity, it also offers a huge challenge…

How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace and persuade enough people to give you their money?

The truth is most people struggle. They struggle to attract enough customers.

Or they attract too many of the wrong type of customers. So they often don’t earn anything like what they are worth.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You simply need to know how to package and promote your expertise to attract the right clients.

Becoming First Choice

The advantages of knowing how to become a first choice expert include being able to:

  • Deliver services to a much wider range of people – in different locations and to suit varying budgets
  • Generate income round the clock without even having to be present
  • Build your reputation so that you can attract the clients you want and charge much higher fees
  • Establish a system that delivers a steady stream of high-quality prospects and clients
  • Easily repackage the same information different ways to build multiple streams of income

The only difference between you and the so-called experts you see on the bookshelves or on TV, is that they have learned how to make more of their expertise.

They started out just like you and followed a process to build success.

The Big Mistake

It has never been easier for anyone to follow that path. The technology, systems and skills to help you do this are widely available.

But here’s the problem…

Too many people miss out on the potential benefits of being a first choice expert because they make one or more of the following mistakes:

  • Focusing too much on low-cost offers such as ebooks and audio rather than high-value solutions that enhance your profits
  • Not listening to the market and offering people what they ‘need’ rather than what they ‘want’
  • Getting overwhelmed by the options or bogged down by the latest idea rather than moving forward with a proven approach
  • Wasting time trying to find the perfect solution rather than getting something to market as soon as possible

The truth is that most people fail to capitalize on their potential.

That may be because they don’t believe enough people are interested in what they can offer.

Or it could be because they don’t position, package and promote it properly – they either don’t know what to do or simply never take action.

5 Steps to Being First Choice

First Choice 5 StepsWhen you know how to become a first choice expert, you can avoid these mistakes. Here are the five keys to success:

  1. PositioningIdentify and attract your first choice clients in a market you can dominate
  2. Packaging: Present your advice, skills and knowledge in a way that makes it easy to attract a large number of high-paying clients
  3. Promotion (Lead Generation): Attract more of your ideal clients to find you instead of you chasing them
  4. Persuasion (Conversion): Turn more of your ideal prospects into long-term profitable clients
  5. Profitability: Manage your time and finances so you earn more money while working less

Underlying all of these is the Psychology of Success – developing the mindset and habits to make the most of your expertise.

Click on the links above for more information on each of the elements.

This website is focused on helping professionals, coaches, consultants, speakers and other entrepreneurs become first choice expert for their first choice clients, patients or customers.

The information available here can enable you to help more people, charge higher fees and enjoy a better lifestyle.

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